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Corcoran College Of Art + Design. Washington DC.
GRADUATE OF THE BFA/MAT 5 year program.
Thesis: How Printmaking can enhance and enrich a highschool art curriculum


  1. ceramics

  2. digital

  3. lithography

  4. screenprinting

  5. etching

  6. video

  7. drawingpainting

  8. photography

  9. installation

  10. other

  11. Press & Promotion

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New Music: Childish Gambino - Sober

Gambino has released an unmixed version of the first track from STN MTN/KAUAI, the upcoming EP he teased during an incredible interview with Hot 97 last week. Hailing from the Kauai half of the album, “Sober” is a shimmering, disco-infused comedown, filled with lilting, seductive vocals without a rap verse in sight. Gambino is primed to follow the footsteps of his contemporary, Drake, who found huge success when he dropped rapping for singing on last year’s smash, ”Hold On, We’re Going Home.” For Drake, that was a one-shot radio single folded nicely into what was undeniably a hip-hop album. For Gambino, who has already spoken about the death of rap as a social movement, and made it clear that he has no intention of making a hip-hop album, but something new entirely, this track might be a better indication of what exactly he has in mind.

At the very least, he’s given us the soundtrack for Indian summer. Here in San Francisco, where we’re finally seeing the sun, “Sober” will be heard at parks and beaches citywide, played by people decidedly not sober. 

HOOOOOOOOOOLLLY SHIT. childish gambino game so on point. I’m inlove with this song so hard. even more than because the internet!?

Gifted I,II,III. 2014. Lithograph on reeves heavyweight

"Age is wasted on the old".2014. Screenprints on BFK

At cranbrook academy of art, we have this awesome space called forum gallery, in where student run and curated shows happen. This weeks event was a materials exchange and 24 hr build. I worked with these materials and created these object sculptures that I’m really into. I’m looking forward to investigating this sort of construction next year, along with printing on these objects. Physical pattern making!

Cranbrook academy of art; 1st year reviews- class of 2015.

Here’s my work installed- I worked hard to make the most of my space. Waiting on my reviews (pretty much critiques) and hoping to hear constructive comments. It’s like having your own tiny solo show.


Plans Underway to Break Up Corcoran Gallery in DC

The Corcoran Gallery's beaux-arts building

The Corcoran Gallery’s Beaux-Arts building, designed by Ernest Flagg (photo by Laura Padgett, via art around on Flickr)

After years of financial crisis, Washington, DC’s Corcoran Gallery of Art — the city’s largest and oldest private museum, which focuses on American art — has announced a plan that would see it “cease to exist as an independent institution,” the Washington Post reports.

Under the…

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This is big news folks. I am a
Recent alumna of the corcoran
College of art and design, class of 2011 & 2012. It’s not just a brand, a school or a name- it’s family and a legacy. It’s being broken up, I’ve never been so heartbroken. I wish only the best to those still there and hopes there is a positive turn to this.

Levitation or levigation? Grind time! One of the bigger litho stones at cranbrook academy of art. Just shy of 5 feet long and 4 feet across….

Cranbrook print media life. Reviews in 14 ish days. Studio rat.

Making spheres for reasons. We’ll see where these suckers go… (at Cranbrook)

I’ve drawn several signboards for Angelika film center and cafe at mosaic. These are some of my favorites. Can’t wait to get back and draw a few more!

Large scale digital prints. I love patterns!

Prints that I’ve been working on but sadly have had trouble with. I’ve had to put it on pause and going to grind this guy down and try again! But here’s some in progress shots!

Prints that I’ve been working on but sadly have had trouble with. I’ve had to put it on pause and going to grind this guy down and try again! But here’s some in progress shots!

I finally got around to printing these suckers out! Quite exciting, and them as a series got into a show! Haunted Attraction @ Cranbrook Forum Gallery.  Super Excited. I feel good to have these as little prints versus smaller prints really. 

So, I started working on this again once i arrived at Cranbrook Academy of Art.  This is some fancy magical world of art and shit. But, its something. I’m not entirely in love with this yet.