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Corcoran College Of Art + Design. Washington DC.
GRADUATE OF THE BFA/MAT 5 year program.
Thesis: How Printmaking can enhance and enrich a highschool art curriculum


  1. ceramics

  2. digital

  3. lithography

  4. screenprinting

  5. etching

  6. video

  7. drawingpainting

  8. photography

  9. installation

  10. other

  11. Press & Promotion

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Photo polymer plates : Solar and KM plates. I’m enjoying printing these two images, one is of my grand parents on the beach in the 40’s or so , the other I think of it as this person as a ghost, their memory is every where but they’re not around but I care deeply. Anyways, I’m learning and experimenting and so soon I’ll have these in a larger size… Maybe.

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