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Corcoran College Of Art + Design. Washington DC.
GRADUATE OF THE BFA/MAT 5 year program.
Thesis: How Printmaking can enhance and enrich a highschool art curriculum


  1. ceramics

  2. digital

  3. lithography

  4. screenprinting

  5. etching

  6. video

  7. drawingpainting

  8. photography

  9. installation

  10. other

  11. Press & Promotion

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DECALS. Ceramic Screenprinted decals. i’ve so far taught my self how to do these, with very little instruction. They’re not that hard, but apparently they’re not reliable. I dont know. i’m crossing my fingers. /heres hoping/

Today, i’m unloading 3 kilns. Two bisque and one Test glaze. I AM REALLY hoping this turns out OK. /supernervous/ Also inaddition, its occured to me i may NOT have enough glaze for my objects. I need to go buy another jar of glaze…


So I’m now Two weeks and Two days out from thesis being turned in… and well i’m about 1/2 way done. Best part i’m going to Southern Graphics Next tuesday for my first road trip. I’m crazy nervous. one for will i get a lot out of it? and two: Will i get thesis done on time. 

So, soon keep check on me pictures of Thesis and process screenprinting will be up. Oh and Check the Corcoran Printmaking Blog too- Hopefully more print making things will be up! 

Glazed Ceramic Small cups 2010. 

Oh i love the glaze on these two. The big guy got adopted by a co-worker in the IT department i work for. :) 

Ceramic Bowl. 2010. 

I love this guy. Hes actually quite big. I’m excited to throw some more this break and next semester outside of class, hoping i can make something huge! 

 Ceramic Bowl 2010. 

Happy New year everyone! Here are some of my works through out this semester! i’ll try to post daily… There’s a lot of stuff….