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Corcoran College Of Art + Design. Washington DC.
GRADUATE OF THE BFA/MAT 5 year program.
Thesis: How Printmaking can enhance and enrich a highschool art curriculum


  1. ceramics

  2. digital

  3. lithography

  4. screenprinting

  5. etching

  6. video

  7. drawingpainting

  8. photography

  9. installation

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AND ITS PRINTED. IT EXISTS. I still have to do final touch ups….its a 44x44in print….

My Sentements. 2011. Digital Drawing

Exhibit A: His Ghost. 2011. Photo Intaglio.


Ribcage & Exhibit A: His Ghost.

Prints. INFINATE PRINTING. ALL DAY. I’m so proud of my self for the work i did today, these prints and another edition, digital print and worked on the litho stone too. 

Exhibits of why i still exist. 2011. Photo Intaglio. 

Exhibit A: His Ghost

Exhibit B: Warm Embraces

Its taken me a while to finally get this image set straight, i realized one day that these images ment to be paired together and not separate, i’ve also decided that i’m making this semester my ‘Payne’s grey” semester. 

So I’m now attempting to run an edition of this print.. I ran into a problem with my registration AND one of the plates (go me) so gotta go in and re-work! But I like this color pallet better than the skin tones…. I love paynes grey.

So my MAT (Masters in Art Teaching ) thesis is going to be Printmaking and how it can further enrich the art curriculum. I SO JUST ORDERED 47$ of BOOKS on JUST PRINTMAKING, its going to be christmas all month. 

I got the tamarind book (the old vers.) and the complete printmaker book too the one from 1978 AND the 1995 edition (on top of 5 other books) . I LOVE seeing the differences over time. I’m just hoping Amazon ships these books out in the next week or two. I NEED TO GET READING ASAP. 

i told you i’d use this gif again. 

Anyways, I’ve entered work into the DC art bank and crossing my fingers they’ll want some of my work. 

I’ve been on a stall, not enough time in the day to work on my own stuff. I’ll soon just pull late nights and disregard sleep again, so eventually you’ll see more finished prints and maybe the selfportrait printed soon. (Seeing as that needs to be submitted by the end of the month. oops)

WIP; Lino cut of male figure. I really like how this came out but I need to work on it’s registration and also I’m going to try other color schemes.

Ribcage! WIP ; i just ran an edition of 7 on mulberry and it looks fantastic! eventually I’ll add chinecole and do Collagraph plates for the color. Pretty excited!!

Litho reduction. This dang Stone is 34x24; I like the brilliant lithographer that I am, managed to close the stone with SILVER ink, a no no. So of course seeing as it’s a black slate reduction… IT WASN’T CO OPERATING… luckily after a few hrs of performing lithographic ER maneuvers I fixed it and managed to reduce. SCORE!

Photo polymer plates : Solar and KM plates. I’m enjoying printing these two images, one is of my grand parents on the beach in the 40’s or so , the other I think of it as this person as a ghost, their memory is every where but they’re not around but I care deeply. Anyways, I’m learning and experimenting and so soon I’ll have these in a larger size… Maybe.

WIP: color.


So its changed a bit. Most of this work is i guess the discovery of where i stand right now. I’m dealing with my own self in how i relate to others and to who i should be and could be. So i’m still trying to get all of the imagery just right. I think, this may work out. 

Visions. I- IV. 2010. found lithographic photoplates. 

i’m working on this wall paper pattern (cause i’m such a dork and i’m into wallpapers) and so far its a 1.89gb photoshop file. THE COMPUTER CANT HANDLE ITS POWER. ITS A TRAP.. no not really, but it takes 5 mintues to save. Seriously.  But, so far this is looking good. Its all lines and i intend to color this sucker print it out too but one step at a time. The file is about 50x50in.  I wish i had a 60inch printer right about now.  I have a victorian pattern going. it looks actually really awesome and i’m excited to getting some where near done with it…