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Corcoran College Of Art + Design. Washington DC.
GRADUATE OF THE BFA/MAT 5 year program.
Thesis: How Printmaking can enhance and enrich a highschool art curriculum


  1. ceramics

  2. digital

  3. lithography

  4. screenprinting

  5. etching

  6. video

  7. drawingpainting

  8. photography

  9. installation

  10. other

  11. Press & Promotion

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Please help me out, this is for my thesis and I need responses! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Hey ya’ll! Super stoked to see everyone from the tumbl-verse there! 

I would like to ask an open favor to all that are going to southern graphics! 

Are you a Newbie printer? A Veteran printer? A k-12 public/private school teacher? Are you teaching college printmaking? Please come find me at the OPEN PORTFOLIOS; I would like for you to fill out a quick 4 question survey for my thesis! 

Can Printmaking enhance and enrich a 9-12 Highschool Art curriculum? 

(Working title… But gives you an idea! Please help me out. )

(ps: Could i use any more exclamation points?!)

So my MAT (Masters in Art Teaching ) thesis is going to be Printmaking and how it can further enrich the art curriculum. I SO JUST ORDERED 47$ of BOOKS on JUST PRINTMAKING, its going to be christmas all month. 

I got the tamarind book (the old vers.) and the complete printmaker book too the one from 1978 AND the 1995 edition (on top of 5 other books) . I LOVE seeing the differences over time. I’m just hoping Amazon ships these books out in the next week or two. I NEED TO GET READING ASAP. 

i told you i’d use this gif again. 

Anyways, I’ve entered work into the DC art bank and crossing my fingers they’ll want some of my work. 

I’ve been on a stall, not enough time in the day to work on my own stuff. I’ll soon just pull late nights and disregard sleep again, so eventually you’ll see more finished prints and maybe the selfportrait printed soon. (Seeing as that needs to be submitted by the end of the month. oops)

BFA Thesis Exhibition 2011

Within My Own Considerations. 2011. Ceramic Objects + Screenprinted Wall Panels

The Opening is April 23 2011 from 8-10 PM. If You’re in the DC area please stop by tonight or before May 22nd when it comes down.  We’re all very proud of our work and please support your new class of 2011 of BFA students entering the art world! 

An here’s a little more.

Set 1/3

Thesis 2011

Be excited! Thesis postcards! If you’re in the DC area, I’ll send you a digital copy so you can check out the action!!

Well- I’ve made it its the LAST SEMESTER of my BFA. I’m super stoked- so through much coaxing (and by coaxing i mean being shoved THROWN) back into my idea- i’m well into begining my preliminary works. I’ve started drawing my portraits and thats a definate point thats in there. I’ve started with gaga portraits, self portraits, and now awkward portraits of any one.Hopefully to turn to wall paper-  I really enjoy these drawings.. and its something i really like. I do want to print out one of my portraits out really big and see how that looks, hopefully i’ll get to that soon.  Then theres the ceramic aspect of the project. I want to make my vessles that will sit infront of the images as large as i am. (i’m 5’1”.) So, the last time i left off my vessles were about 10 inch diameters. and about 7” tall.. uh yeah. quite aways to go. And also theres the idea of wanting to screenprint on them.. (HAH)  I’m still not sure how this is all going down and i assure you its making me nervous. At this point its time. this is probably going to be 2nd most nervous time i’ve  been in 4+ years. The school has been sending us- HEY SEND US INFO ABOUT WHAT YOURE DOING!! I mean, really? This far ahead? thanks, making me feel the pressure even MORE.  I guess this just means i’m going to have to bring it. 

SO THUSLY: please keep me in your minds send me vibes,prayers,mantras,juju, or what ever and hope i will survive these next two months sanely. 

Opulence. 2010. Ceramic with majolica stain - wall paper digital print.

Last work of the 1st semester of FINE ART CORE IV.